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:: Will And Gareth ::


Here are some extras that you may use...

Here is a poem about Will Young
Will was an unknown talent
who quietly filtered through
who until the last 50
no one even knew.

But then he exploded on our screens
with his vocals first of all
but then confronted Simon
and made him feel quite small.

The more he sang, the more we loved
this posh, brainy young guy
with a smile just like the joker's
and a sparkle in his eye.

A star has been born, a talent found
he came and lit our fire
he gave us all the sweetest feeling
a fate we must admire.

When he belted out each soulful note
we tingled with anticipation
at this wonderful talent before our eyes
he came and entertained the nation.

Each week went by, another one lost
their chance of fortune and fame
but will mastered every task they set
even Abba's "The Name of the Game"

Then there came the final
only Gareth and Will left to see
who was the ultimate Pop Idol
it was always Will for me.

Now Evergreen's at No 1
and Wills a superstar
Evergreen's a smash over here
and also in South Africa.

Then shock horror, will came out
but who cares if he's gay
sexuality should not determine
who's records you choose to play !


And a poem on Gareth:
A 17 Year Old from Bradford
the boy without a chum
who auditioned with his sister
and was supported by his mum.

As he stood in front of the judges
his nerves just overtook
as he stuttered, unable to give his name
the four could hardly look.

"Flying Without Wings" he sang
as he stole each and every heart
of the tearful viewers watching
this boy was world's apart.

With his 2-1-2 hairstyle
and a gap between his teeth
this boys good looks and big brown eyes
were both beyond belief.

Although, the judges favourite
it was the viewers who would choose
we all thought him home and dry
and it was Will who was to lose.

He was favourite from the very start
and it looked a one horse race
but sadly for poor Garteh
he didn't last the pace.

Although runner-up he's still a champ
he'll have many, many hits
so he can buy as many white suits
as his bank accounts permits !