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What My Heart Wants To Say (Album)


What My Heart Wants To Say (Album) - 28/10/2002 - Gareth Gates

These album lryics can be found inside the Album, in the mini-booklet thet comes with the album! Here is the Tracklistings:
Track Listing
1.   Unchained Melody
2.   Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)
3.   Sentimental
4.   Suspicious Minds (See: The Long And Winding Road)
5.   Downtown
6.   What My Heart Wants To Say
7.   Good Thing
8.   Too Serious Too Soon
9.   It Ain't Obvious
10.   With You All The Time
11.   I've Got No Self Control
12.   Tell Me One More Time
13.   Alive
14.   One And Ever Love
15.   Walk On By
16.   That's When You Know

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